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Outdoor printouts

Outdoor printouts

Profi Print is the optimal solution in terms of quality outdoor advertising and guarantees a working capacity of 4000 mp/day.

Outdoor prints made by Profi Print are printed at resolutions of 300 to 1440 dpi, in order to obtain an image accuracy comparable to the photographic one. The media supports used for the manufacturing of these prints are: frontlit banner, double sided banner, mesh, backlite, canvas, sticker flag, transparent sticker, paper truck covers.


Complete services for outdoor advertising production

Profi Print provides complete services for the outdoor prints, including execution of the graphics design, DTP, as well as the production of materials. Profi Print executes multiple types of outdoor prints for: light boxes, billboards, flags, banners, advertising nets, construction nets, decorations of window shops and car inscriptions. The company offers specialised consultancy. Transport and assembly shall be carried out upon request.


Features for outdoor prints

We have all the technologies for  printing in large format with UV ink for intense colors and particular visual impact, as well as for printing with solvent-based ink for tight budgets.

The prints made by Profi Print are accompanied by a certificate of guarantee, with a validity of one year. Because Profi Print specialists wish to execute end-products to the best standards, they are using high-quality materials for the large prints, and execute the finishing in optimal conditions.