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Textile Digital Printing

Textile Digital Printing

Vivid colors, very well defined details – Sublimation Printing

Digital  Printing on Textile – The modern solution for printing digital photographic images on fabrics.

Applications for fabrics:

Flags, interior decorations, exhibition stands, wallpaper for walls, drapes, light boxes, outdoor textile banners, interior textiles banners, POS, curtains, drapes, covers, wrappers, tablecloths, sporting articles, custom applications, fashion articles, production of samples.

Production capacity of 700 sqm /day

We honor from unique orders up to series campaigns.

Vibrant colors, vivid images, with very high flexibility, high tensile strength and numerous washes.. The high-performance heads will enable a greater productivity and speed as compared to the other solutions available on the market.


– Maximum width of material (the average): 1830mm;

– Maximum true resolution : 720 dpi;

– Sublimation Printing technology directly on fabrics, without transfer sheet, includes continuous ink supply system and vapor suction system, performance system of fabrics pick-up and feeding, integrated and computerized system for heating and fixing the dispersion ink, which allows obtaining the most intense colors.