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Volumetric Letters

Volumetric Letters

Lit or unlit volumetric letters for effective signalling

In order to obtain an outdoor or indoor effective signalling, Profi Print recommends customers to use volumetric letters. These can be carried out in a variety of shapes, of different materials such as plexiglass, PVC komacel, tin, aluminum, extruded foam (polystyrene). Volumetric letters can be lit or unlit. These can be lit either directly, with a spectral tube or a led inside, either indirectly (by a halo).

Volumetric letters can be used successfully for signalling reception rooms, conference rooms or showrooms. For outdoor, can be used to signal buildings facades and rooftops.  In this regard, volumetric letters can be arranged on metallic structure or aluminium profile. Profi Print performs also the graphic concept for volumetric letters, 2D and 3D simulations, the technical memorandum out of a desire to help  its customers as much as possible. The company provides transport, installation and maintenance throughout the whole country.

Profi Print offers consultancy, by adapting its services to customers’ needs and possibilities. Materials used for the advertising production are of the highest quality. They are resistant to the changes in temperature, moisture and UV rays, so that they will have a long resistance, and customers will benefit from them for a long period of time.