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Car inscriptions

Car inscriptions

Profi Print performs any kind of inscription, starting from the simplest models and up to the total coating in sticker.

Car inscription is a promotion method that has become very popular lately, even considered the most effective method. Inscription is fast, the cost is small compared to other types of advertising. Due to the heavy traffic in cities, car inscription benefits from maximum visibility.

Profi Print specialists make the decoration in a heated hall, at an optimum application temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. The foils that they use are professional, of the highest  quality – ORACAL or 3M, manufactured in Germany. Printing is carried out at an image resolution of 720 dpi. Prints are laminated in order to increase resistance to the ultraviolet rays and to weather conditions (rain, wind or scratches).

Special Decoration Services

  • Car tunning
  • Carbon foils
  • Reflective foil
  • Magnetic foils